KIDsize Living Blue Mountains to Penrith is Looking for a New Family

Kirsten Barnett-Brown

Would you like to work from home and fit your work around your family life?

Would you like a job that involves investigating new and exciting kid friendly places to go, taking your kids to check out cool playgrounds and letting parents know about it? With KIDsize Living Blue Mountains to Penrith, an established KIDsize Living website, you can! :)

Benefits of running KIDsize Living Blue Mountains to Penrith

Great work/life balance

  • The ability to work from home and have your own flexible working hours
  • Work around your family life
  • Be there if your kid(s) are sick or have school events you need to attend

Have fun while earning

  • Lots of variety: meeting people, researching, visiting cool places, drinking coffee, sharing knowledge
  • Opportunities to attend some of the top kids shows, exhibitions and events in Sydney
  • Being the first one in the know about exciting events, activities and places in your area

Helping the community

  • Help other parents find out about about courses, classes and activities
  • Help parents enjoy hassle free, fun times with their families

Support and training

  • Marketing, website training and technical support
  • A growing family of KIDsize Living parents running these websites which is a great support network

What’s different about KIDsize Living Blue Mountains to Penrith

The amazing area!!!!

  • The Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury and Penrith region is a diverse area that has SO much to offer local and visiting families
  • Our area has a great balance of local families and small businesses 
  • Parents from all over the area visit and follow our KIDsize Living site to plan outings, activities and school holidays
  • The area is LARGE - with 129 suburbs to cover you will always have something to tell parents about!
  • Huge potential for growth - KIDsize Living is the ONLY dedicated local family guide servicing the area.

An established website

All the hard work has been done so you can take it at your own pace and enjoy it! I’ve worked hard to create a database on our website of up to date and accurate permanent content from around our area. This will save you at least 18 months of work!

  • Playgrounds, parks and beaches - with features and photos
  • Kid friendly, cafes and pubs - with features, reviews and photos
  • Library activities - all recurring library activities which show in our ‘What’s On daily’ calendar
  • Kid friendly activities, community centres
  • Christmas guides - local guides to christmas activities from local lights tours to Santa photos
  • New years, Halloween, Australia Day, Chinese New Year - recurring content that's ready to go
  • Growing organic search traffic - established and highly ranking pages for local activities

The ability to start earning straight away!

  • Established relationships and contacts with local businesses
  • Templates and proven marketing strategies
  • Existing website traffic, social media engagement and subscribers who will see your advertisements

Established outlets to reach local parents

  • An established and engaged social media following
  • Existing website traffic
  • An existing database of subscribers who receive our weekly newsletters
  • Newsletter templates created

Who would KIDsize Living Blue Mountains to Penrith suit?

Stay at home parents

If you are at home with kids and want a ready made business or hobby that’s already got great infrastructure and content, engaged audience, business contacts and huge growth potential, this could be for you!

Working families

KIDsize Living will also suit working families, or a family that wants to work from home and fit work around your family life. If you love exploring, meeting new people, and having fun - KIDsize Living is right for you!


Do you have a friend or family member who you'd love to team up with on a project? Running a KIDsize Living business is perfect for a partnership - just look at the success of our founders Kathrine and Eileen!

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