Little Bo Beats

Does your Mary like a little jam? Is your little boy blue when he can't bust out a tune? Little Bo Beats is the class for you! Little Bo Beats is the brainchild of a local mum, Bec Dean, when she realised that there was nowhere in the lower Blue Mountains that offered a quality music education class for littlies. Bec has teamed up with a local musician and educator with 10 years experience to write a program to teach kids the basics of music in a fun and engaging way. Little Bo Beats runs regular classes in Springwood and Warrimoo.

Little Bo Beats

Little Bo Beats Toddler classes utilise singing, percussion, nursery rhymes, folk and classical music, storytelling, books, puppets, and more. Each class runs for 45 minutes and will teach children a musical concept, for example ‘high vs low’ (pitch), fast or slow (tempo), and soft or loud (dynamics) to name a few. Above all, we want our students and their carers to have lots of fun!

Music is a wonderful thing and we look forward to sharing our love of it with you and your little ones. For more information have a look through their website or Facebook page.

Bec Dean Little Bo Beats

Class Locations

Mondays: Red Cross Hall, 107 Macquarie Road, Springwood.

Tuesdays: Warrimoo Citizans Hall, Great Western Highway (accessed of Eley Hawkins Drive) Warrimoo.

Little Bo Beats will be expanding to baby and preschool classes in the future, so send Bec an email if you would like to be kept up to date as these classes become available.

Blue Mountains
Age Group
Toddlers , 2 , 3
$120 for a 9 week term. Lessons start 24/7/2017 Term 3. **Introductory offer – come for a free trial class, and receive a 10% off the term fee if you pay that day! Offer valid while places available.**
Location and Details
Blue Mountains