Wentworth Falls Lake

Wentworth Falls Lake area has it all! Two separate playgrounds, sheltered areas for BBQ's and gatherings, toilets, lake access for boating and swimming, a lakeside walking path and plenty of parking.

Sincair Crescent, Wentworth Falls, NSW
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Wentworth Falls Lake is certainly popular with local and visiting families, and it's easy to see why. Two playgrounds provide variety, one in the shape of a pirate ship is perfect for smaller children, the other is better for older kids. The location is beautiful, particularly on a bright and sunny day when the light glistens on the lake. The lakeside walk is perfect for scooters or walking your dogs and there are plenty of ducks and other birds to feed or chase! The sheltered BBQ area is a great addition and if you can nab it, would be a perfect spot for a birthday party or family gathering. In the summertime, locals make use of the lake for boating and swimming, with some alternative access points away from the park area. 

Play equipment (2 separate areas), seats, tables, shelters, BBQs, toilets, lake access, lakeside walking, swimming
Location and Details
Sincair Crescent, Wentworth Falls, NSW